Trompetol Hemp Herb XQ – 30gr.



INGREDIENTS (INCI): Cannabis Sativa L.

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Herb XQ is designed especially for those, who are looking for a stronger effect and extraction; it is also suitable for obtaining oil-macerates rich in active ingredients. Strong and intense flavor. The increased content of phytocomplex CC+ (especially increased content of terpenes cannabinoids).

The dioecisous species, only female plants. The herb is obtained from hemp varietes that are allowed for cultivation in the E.U., with the THC content of < 0,2%. It contains the hemp flowers, seeds and leaves. Handpicked, naturally dried at low temperature, hand-sorted and processed.

It contains: cannabinoids, terpenes, waxes, unsaturated fatty acids, proteins, choline and dozens of other substances.

Method of use: Cook 2g of herb in 200ml of water for about 10 minutes. Processing with fats ensures the maximum use of active substances.

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