About us

Canweedo™ Founded in July 2018, with offices in Switzerland and Greece by friends who have been actively working in the cannabis industry for 4 years. Since then the company has been driven by the passion and commitment of its founders regarding the change of the public understanding of the cannabis plant, promoting awareness and informing the world about its benefits and the company desire to distribute top quality cannabis products in the Greek market.
Our Mission
The mission of our team is to change the public understanding and mindset about the cannabis plant and educate the public of how we can all benefit from it on a daily basis by significantly improving our standard of living.
Canweedo™ offers to its commercial network and its customer's high-quality female cannabis flowers (cannabis light) always within the limits allowed by the law (under 0.02% thc), by certified only seeds from the European Union and always with the relevant lab analyses.
"The company chooses with care and passion the different cbd flowers to offer a natural alternative, support people and inspire moments of enthusiasm and joy, to create value and make a difference."
Our Goal
We want to change the way our customers think about cannabis and the world as a whole. Our values are simple. Respect the land and the amazing products that it produces. No contaminants, no unnecessary costs, no overpriced storefront. We bring the best of the farms to our customers' doors.
We are committed to being a support for the awakening, transformation, and evolution of the human individual, our society and the global community.
Meet the Cannabis, the CBD, the Cannavidioles & cannabis light
What is Cannabis Light?
With the word Cannabis Light we refer to the flowers of Hemp and with the word Light we highlight the fact that it has a light THC, less than 0.2% and very rich in CBD, unlike the medical one, distributed in other countries that are cultivated exclusively by their laws that can have THC much higher than 0.2%.
Hemp is a very interesting substance and multiple uses, of which the studies are at a good point in the field (for the building bricks), it is also very well suited as a natural antiparasitic, for the bioplastic, and as fuel bio vegetable and with a low environmental impact.
What is cannabidiol (CBD)? What is CBD oil?
Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally occurring constituent of industrial hemp/cannabis (Cannabis Sativa L). It is the most abundant non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis and is being scientifically investigated for various reasons. CBD oil is a cannabis oil that has significant amounts of cannabidiol (CBD) and considered to be among the purest superfoods available. It mainly contains CBD, OMEGA-3, and OMEGA-6.
The form of cannabis we use for our CBD oils is industrial hemp. We do not sell cannabis (Cannabis Indica, otherwise marijuana) in any shape or form.
Is Cannabis, CBD, Cannabis flowers legal?
Our variates of hemp for industrial use already present in the official list of seeds cultivable in Europe and therefore with a THC content below the legal limit all our inflorescences do not conflict with the law on drugs.
How it works and what are the benefits of cannabis flowers and CBD products?
Cannabis flowers with CBD (cannabis light) have numerous benefits to our organisms such as their sedative and soothing action, memory enhancement, concentration empowerment, anti-inflammatory action, anxiolytic activity and as more and more researches recommend, to treat illnesses and many diseases such as insomnia, nausea, vomiting and generally strengthening our immune system, reducing cholesterol and regulating blood pressure among other.
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