Elixir Tea Kannabio – 10pcs


Elixir Tea Kannabio is a 100% Organic Greek product. It combines pure organic hemp raw flowers with 2 types of fine green teas from Sri Lanka. In a new, innovative packaging of sticks for easy use. Each Kannabio package contains 10 Elixir Tea air-sealed sticks packed individually. THC <0.2%

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What is Elixir Tea Kannabio?

The elixir tea from the Kannabio brand is a pure, organic product with a fine mix of hemp flowers and 2 fine teas from Sri Lanka. The mix will offer you ultimate tranquility and the perfect boost that your immune system needs. A drink to enjoy any time of the day, made of Greek organic hemp crops of the Sativa L. variety. Collected and dried by hand without the use of pesticides or fertilizers. Kannabio Cannabis tea is rich in polyphenols and cannabinoids CBD / CBDa with a concentration of <0.2% THC. A Suitable product to shield and stimulate the body against many known diseases, in a completely natural way.

How is Kannabio’s Elixir Tea different?

  • Kannabio’s cannabis drink/decoction contains high-quality tea leaves airtightly packaged in rods. (Sticks).
  • The sticks can be used as a spoon to steer the drink when adding sugar or honey.
  • By doing so, the tea is evenly distributed in your cup in contrast to the conventional tea bags that keep the ingredients at the bottom.
  • When your drink is finished, you can easily remove the tea stick without getting messy. The elixir stick does not drip, because its holes are expanded when used, thus blocking any leakage.
  • The construction material used to make the Kannabio Elixir sticks is called Silver Flexy ™, a multi-layer material, 100% safe that withstands very high temperatures above 100 ° C Celsius.
  • The product is also European Certificated for its Organic Cultivation [(EK) 834/2007 Bio Hellas 2018-000000007764]. TUV 22000.

Elixir tea carries all the known benefits of Cannabis CBD (cannabidiol) and will help you deal with lots of diseases related to sleep, appetite, and against stomach disorders and nausea. It Will also help against cramps, inflammations, muscle pain, and insomnia. A healthy way to maintain a healthy body and a perfect addition to a balance diet. It is also anxiolytic, protects the heart, relieves mind and body, and strengthens your immune system, thus protecting you against seasonal viruses. Its recommended to consume it hot or cold, in the morning or evening, in combination with honey or lemon for an uplifting experience. Its mild and natural herbal taste in balance with effectiveness will leave you speechless.

Always store in a cool and shady place at room temperatures, away from moisture and direct sunlight.

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