Organic Blend Protein | Biologos Vegan – 500gr


Organic blend of high biological value 70% protein with 9 essential amino acids. The most complete Vegan Protein. A product that will leave you completely satisfied.

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Product Description

The Protein Blend of Biologos offers the fullest vegan protein of the composition and quality of the amino acids as it combines the high content of protein peas, brown rice, and hemp. The multi Protein Blend is a valuable source of protein, minerals, omega-3, and omega-6 fatty acids. It contains 70% high biological value protein with 9 essential amino acids. It also fives the iron and magnesium body.

All of these nutrients in combination with the coconut powder and Madagascar vanilla impart a good aftertaste in any flavor combination. It can be used for a hearty breakfast and after an intense workout as it contains very high protein content.

Ideal for those who want to boost their muscle tissue and increase muscle mass but at the same time helps the body recover from sports or illness for this reason it is recommended in the elderly after surgery.

Nutritional analysis per 30g per 100g

  • Energy                 113.3kcal     377.9kcal
  • Protein                 21g               70g
  • Carbohydrates    2.97g           9.9g
  • Fat                         2.26g           7.56g
  • Calcium                15.45mg   51.5mg
  • Magnesium         45.3mg      151mg
  • Iron                       1.53mg       5.1mg
  • Omega-3            103.5mg     345mg
  • Vitamin E           0.27mg      0.9mg

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