Wax CBD & CBG Crumble | Og Kush Terpenes – 500mg


  • 80% CBD (Cannabidiol), 10% CBG, 10% Cannabis Terpenes
  • THC FREE – 0,5gr (500mg)

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Wax CBD & CBG Crumble | Og Kush Terpenes. Extracted from CBD rich strains of Cannabis Sativa L

Supercritical CO2 technology. Solvent-free process.

Great for Dabs, vaping and aromatherapy

Find more about cannabigerol(CBG) here.

Cannabis concentrates, such as Wax CBD & CBG Crumble, offer an amazing combination of strong results and flavors. When condensates are heated, cannabinoids and terpenes are released into vapors, creating the huge range of effects and flavors that cannabis (Cannabinoids) provides. However, the temperature required to heat your condensers is a critical detail for the absorption of cannabinoids and terpenes that you need to take into account.

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