Canna-X Cannabis Flowers ΑΚ-47 – 2gr.


Its time to forget what you knew about Quality Cannabis Flowers (Cannabis light). This super “hot” variety finally dropped! The Italian Canna-X presents its new hybrid AK-47 with 29% CBD / CBDA content that will definitely become your new daily driver. Italian Top Quality at the Lowest Price in Europe – (Exclusively at Hempoil®)

Canna-X Cannabis Flowers AK-47 – 2gr. Top Italian quality from organic farming, without the use of pesticides or insecticides. Cultivated at high altitude from one of the best if not the best and oldest group of growers in Italy.

Don’t let his “warlike” name fool you! If used after a long and tiring day the AK-47 variety of the Canna-X brand will relax you to the point where you’ll wonder how you fell asleep without realizing it. This dominant and beloved variety with its spectacular bright trichome colors and its attractive resins combines varieties from Colombia, Mexico, Thailand, and Afghanistan, offering a mix of magical flavors with a heavy and long-lasting cerebral buzz. During the day the Canna-X AK-47 variety will offer you a long-lasting brain euphoria that will keep you mentally alerted while promoting the sociability of your character! While its scent is earthy, lightly sour, and silky, its sweet floral notes are noticeable from start to finish. No wonder, it’s one of the world’s favorite varieties. Used with a vaporizer will take your CBD experience to another level.

Canna-X is grown under the Italian sun and only by the masters of cannabis growing. From seed selection, cultivation, and then hand-harvesting, the team closely monitoring all stages to ensure quality, progress, temperature, color, and even the shape of the hemp flowers, ensuring top quality for our customers.

Cannabis flowers are accompanied by certificates of quality and stable content of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) with less than 0.2% in each harvest to be harmonized with the Greek / European Legislation.


  • Italian Top Quality
  • 29% CBD (Cannabidiol) & CBDA, Terpenes
  • Fresh flowers, 2020 Harvest
  • Variety Hybrid AK-47
  • 100% Organic Cultivation
  • Collected / trimmed / packaged by hand
  • Masterfully trimmed & seedless
  • No extra fragrances or Boosters, all-natural
  • Strain Profile Effects: Ascending / Extrovert / Relaxing / Antidepressant
  • Exclusive Cooperation and cultivation absorption by Hempoil®
  • Contains 2 grams in a high-quality air-sealed package to guarantee the preservation of the fresh flowers.
  • Pure CBD Beneficial properties

Store the product in a shady, dry, and cool place and keep away from children.

You must be 18 years old and over to buy this product.

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