VapCap M SHADOW (black)

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The brand new Shadow ‘M’ is deployed for use straight from the VapLab with the intent of providing the highest quality & durability possible. All parts of the Shadow ‘M’ are constructed from medical grade stainless steel to the exact dimensions of the original VapCap ‘M’ but now with a darker finish made possible via a surface modification, The quality of our newest addition remains consistent with our entire line of products with an additional robust durability. Alike all VapCaps, the Shadow ‘M’ arrives equipped with our signature temperature indicating cap providing simplicity and efficiency for all.

*The nitrocarburizing process is a surface modification which does reduce the corrosion resistance of stainless steel to a limited degree. Therefore we recommend not cleaning the darkened components in corrosive solvents such as isopropyl alcohol, and /or other liquids for an extended period of time. Follow up all cleaning practices of the Shadow ‘M’ with an application of DynaWax restoring surfaces to original condition.

**Vapcap comes packaged in complimentary storage tube to protect during transit**

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