Perla CBD Flowers – 2gr


The unique and collectible variety of 20% CBD Terre Di Cannabis Perla is here! Probably one of the rarest CBD flower varieties from our organic farm in Italy!

100% organic cannabidiol from the variety of Cannabis Sativa L. crops. A jewel in the category of Hemp flowers with CBD that will not last long!


CBD: 20%

THC: <0.2%

Terre Di Cannabis Perla CBD hemp flowers are a precious jewel! Known for its royal features. And like all jewelry, it has unique properties!

The very high 20% CBD concentrate makes this inflorescence truly unique. Perla hemp flowers have a distinctive retro flavor based on sandalwood, cedar, and pine, leaving a very pleasing sweet aftertaste to the palate. Like the AK-47 varieties, Perla offers a huge relaxing effect, so it is able to relieve anxiety, stress and depressive states. This unique variety of cannabis is suitable to relieve and soothe body aches and to help all those who suffer from insomnia or sleeping difficulties.

Terre Di Cannabis Perla is rich in aromatic terpenes and cannabinoids specially selected by Master Canapicoltore. Who, through decades of experience in the cannabis industry, has been able to create this new unique variety. This type of hemp is also suitable for people who have severe mood swings. And like a shell holding a precious jewel, the Perla blossom holds quite a few unique secrets, feelings, and peculiarities. A Journey to the Exploration of the Mind!

Combine 20% CBD Perla hemp blossoms with a Vaporizer and enjoy the ultimate experience of one of the best hemp varieties in the world.

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