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Northern Lights Auto has a scent rich and earthy, with a hint of herb and fruit. In terms of taste is pungent, heady, and offers a hint of citrus and herb!

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Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds Northern Lights by Sensi Seeds

Northern Lights Automatic by Sensi seeds is 90% indica, which means an intense, calming stone. It’s a conveniently compact strain, making it ideal for discreet growing. The earthy, dank aroma is pure indica in personality, as are the tasty herbal notes on consumption. It’s super-easy to grow; even in colder climates.

This strain is the automatic variant. That means it doesn’t require any special lighting schedule, which makes it easy to cultivate. It’s autoflowering, and the flowering time is relatively speedy – around 60 days in total, with an 11-13-week life cycle.
Northern Lights Auto is a compact strain. On average, plants grow to 80 to 130 cm, though they will grow larger when cultivated outside. It’s a suitable option for those that only have limited space, or who want to keep their growing as discreet as possible.

Like most Indica-dominant varieties, Northern Lights Auto is bushy and squat in appearance, with lots of bushy branches. The buds are dense and coated in sparkling resin, and offer good yields for an auto strain. Growers may generate about 400 grams per square meter when cultivating the plants inside, or around 50-80 grams per plant when growing outdoors.
Northern Lights Automatic can be cultivated in cooler climates, though it performs better in warmer conditions, where it’s possible to get two or three harvests each year.

Users report an intense feeling of relaxation, both of body and mind. Some also claim that it helps them to get to sleep.

The scent is rich and earthy, with a hint of herb and fruit. In terms of taste, Northern Lights Automatic is pungent, heady, and offers a hint of citrus and herb.


  • Genetics: Indica
  • Flowering Time: Average flowering period
  • Height: Compact plant
  • Yield: Medium yield
  • Climate Zone: Sunny / Mediterranean

All cannabis seeds are solely for personal use as souvenirs and intended only for adults (over 18 years old)

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