Organic Hemp Seeds Butter – 280g


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Product Description

Organic Hemp Seed butter is produced in a workshop in Tinos island. It is delicious and very nutritious. Use it like tahini.

Unfiltered & Unrefined

100% Cold pressed, Vegan & Gluten-Free

Nutrition Facts

Energy 2302 kJ / 550 kcal

Fat 39g

Saturated fatty acids 7,9g

Monounsaturated fatty acids 10g

Polyunsaturated fatty acids 21,1g

(Omega-3 6g & Omega-6 15,1g fatty acids)

Trans fat 0g

Carbohydrates 28g

Sugar < 0,7g

Protein 21g

Dietary fiber 2g

Salt 0,2g

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