DaVinci IQ2 Vaporizer


With the successor of the popular ‘IQ’ vaporizer from ‘DAVINCI’, the ‘IQ2’, now extracts such as oil/wax can be vaporized in addition to herbs/CBD flowers – even in combination!

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With the successor of the popular ‘IQ’ vaporizer from ‘DAVINCI’, the ‘IQ2’, now extracts such as oil/wax can be vaporized in addition to herbs/flower – even in combination! For this purpose, there is an extra dosing container and a ceramic disc for the concentrates. A further innovation is the 30% improved airflow and the ‘Air Dial’ regulator. With the regulator, which is located on the bottom of the vaporizer, airflow and draw resistance can be adjusted – just as you like. Here, the rule is the greater the airflow, the cooler the vapor! However, the vapor is then also less dense.

The modern and stylish design known from ‘DAVINCI’ is further emphasized by the brushed stainless steel, which also makes the ‘IQ2′ very robust. The great choice of colors speaks for itself. DAVINCI’ continues to place special emphasis on pure, unadulterated vapor taste. For this reason, the entire, closed airflow channel up to the mouthpiece is made of zirconium (ceramic). The access to the heating chamber is additionally glass lined. The capacity of the conduction heating chamber can again be varied with the ‘Pearl’ and adjusted to the amount of the steam material. The vaper can also regulate the density of the vapor individually.

The heating up time of the ‘IQ2’ is less than one minute. The premium vaporizer again offers several interesting possibilities for temperature adjustment. Either exact to the degree in the range from 38° C to 220° C (100,4° F – 428° F) or by choosing one of the four preset ‘Smart Paths’, including features like ‘Precision’ and ‘Boost’. Everything controllable via the device’s LED display or with the ‘DAVINCI’ app on the smartphone via Bluetooth function. The ‘DAVINCI’ ‘IQ2’ algorithm also allows the calculation of the best dosage based on user input.

The lithium-ion battery is replaceable. Nevertheless, it can be charged with the USB cable if it is still in the device. Thus a complete charge takes about 6 hours. If only the battery is charged solo with an external charger, a complete charge takes about 3 hours. The smart ‘IQ2’ alerts with vibration when the battery charge is down to 10%. A fully charged battery lasts for a good 60 minutes of use.

Of course, the ‘IQ2’ has all standard functions such as standby mode, automatic safety shutdown, etc. As you would expect from ‘DAVINCI’, not only is the technically brilliant and really well thought, but also the materials used and the workmanship are first class. The ‘IQ2’ – perfect for absolutely personalized vaping experiences!

Scope of delivery:

  • 1pc ‘IQ2’ vaporizer
  • 1pc USB charging cable
  • 1pc dosing container 0,2g
  • 1pc ceramic extract disc
  • 1pc extended mouthpiece/bubbler adapter 10mm
  • 1pc tool
  • 9pcs cotton
  • 3pcs cleaning swab
  • 1pc manual



Dimensions: 92x45x25mm

Colour: Various Colours

Print: DAVINCI Logo

System: Glass Heating Chamber

Suitable for: Herbs, CBD Flowers, Oil, Wax

Power: Replaceable & rechargeable 3,000mA/h Lithium-Ion

Warrant: 2 Years

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