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The difference between male & female cannabis flower

A cola is simply the flowering top of the female cannabis plant. Of course, topping or the application of LST or the ScrOG method will give rise to multiple tops. Nevertheless, the main top buds are all considered colas.  Look for a white hair emerging from the leaf node in pre-flower to confirm a female cannabis plant.
Male plants do not produce bud when they flower, which is usually a couple of weeks sooner than females. The male cannabis plants will not necessarily be the largest, most vigorous plants in the garden either. Males produce stamens with anthers packed with pollen.
It is always wise to postpone jumping to conclusions until pre-flowers can be discerned. If the white hair is absent and a cluster of grapes begins to protrude, then a male is present.


Buds are not just a tangled mess of leaves and gooey resin. Calyxes are the tiny clusters shaped like a tear drop, that constitutes a cannabis bud. Leaves will grow from between and around the calyxes. The elusive **calyx is most visible to the naked eye in the later stages of flowering as buds begin to swell.
Only non-pollinated flowers bloom abundantly. Should the pistil get pollinated, then the calyx below becomes the ovary. This changes the function to seed incubator.
Some buds can be really hard with compact groupings of many tiny calyxes; others can have larger calyxes in a looser formation. Generally, indica influence is what gives most cannabis its tight appearance. Only heirloom landrace pure sativa strains produce a very airy wispy flower.


Pistils are what are commonly known as the “hairs” on nuggs. Pistils help you identify female plants in the cannabis garden. Prior to flowering, females will display the odd pistil from leaf nodes to tip off the grower.
During the flowering period, they will transition in colour from white to orange/red as the bud ripens. These pistils are actually the female plant’s reproductive organs containing the ovules.


Trichomes are the glistening gooey resinous coat, that covers all fine cannabis buds. As flowering progresses, calyxes and surrounding sugar leaves will become covered in fields of tiny mushroom capped stalks. These heads will transition in colour from clear to white to amber during blooming.
The trichs are what it’s all about, because these are the microscopic cannabinoid factories, that give cannabis buds the effects we all know and love. Hashish and all of your favourite concentrates are extracted trichomes.


There will be trouble in the ganja forest if pollen gets into the pistils of flowering female cannabis plants. Moreover, male cannabis plants have stamen instead of pistils and they produce pollen sacs, that contain, you guessed it, pollen.
These anthers or pollen sacs will hang down and are usually green/yellowish in colour. Hermaphrodites display these green/yellowish pollen sacs too, usually popping out amongst clusters of flowers. These are what we call “nanners”.
If a plant displays pollen sacs, it must go immediately or the rest of the weed will be seeded. Identify and remove males. Stress can be a contributory factor to the emergence of intersex traits, so make sure the grow op is dialled in.

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