Ambrosia CBD Tobacco Flavor – 200mg


Ambrosia nectar is a pure CBD extract and terpens.

Ambrosia CBD is for electronic cigarette infusion containing Cannabidiol (CBD), extracted from Cannabis Sativa L/Hemp, (industrial hemp) to be consumed in an exclusive natural aroma of Tobacco.

Ideal for fragrance

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Ambrosia nectar with addition of pure CBD extract and terpens.

Flavoured uniquely with organic essence and natural extract. Availability in special aroma of Tobacco.

Ambrosia comes in 10 ml bottles with 50, 200 or 400 mg CBD.

Ingredients: vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, water, Cannabidiol and natural herb extract

Organically produced

Safety precautions:

Should be stored out of the reach of children.
After contact with skin, eyes, rinse with plenty of water.
If swallowed or if you feel unwell, seek medical advice – show the packaging or label.

Hazards: No known effects or critical hazards.

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